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Psychotherapy Tailored to the Needs of Children, Adolescents, and Families

I have carefully tailored my treatment to meet the needs of children and adolescents so that they feel comfortable and motivated to work on their treatment goals. 


My approach centers on, first and foremost, the therapeutic relationship.  This is built and maintained in ways that allow your child to 

experience fun and enjoyment in therapy.  My clients and I enjoy outside sports, safe indoor sports and movement, deep discussion about favorite topics, music, board games, card games, and more. 


I find that deeper emersion in activities provides the most meaningful experiences and opportunities for working towards goals.  These are the types of experiences that create connection, meaning, and motivation to change.  For example, while my clients enjoy playing simple catch with the football, they experience greater connection by running routes for touchdowns, or pitching fastballs to their catcher-therapist.  

I find that children and adolescents typically don't want to sit down with a "doctor" to talk about their feelings.  While some are happy with this approach, most benefit from a more relaxed environment centered on a genuine, healthy therapeutic relationship.  



Child Psychotherapy
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Family Psychotherapy

I provide family psychotherapy that focuses on the entire family.  This treatment option works on improving communication, insight, coping, problem-solving, and quality of life.

Family Psychotherapy
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Parent Consultation and Parent Coaching

Parent consultations serve many purposes.  Sometimes parents simply need one or two meetings to better understand their child, or help creating a specific treatment plan for their child which may include different types of services and/or resources.  

Parent coaching helps empower parents to support their child in a manner that promotes growth and change.  In some circumstances, parent coaching is the most effective way to treat children and families.  

Family Consultation/Parent Coaching
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